Strix Imaging partners with Capstone Connect to benefit UNR engineering students

Strix Imaging has teamed up with Capstone Connect, a local community project run by UNR alumni.  Capstone Connect is a web platform used by UNR engineering professors to find senior design projects from industry for their students.  It also doubles as a great way for companies who submit projects to get to know, and recruit, engineering seniors.

Engineering students have to complete a design project, called a “capstone” project, during their senior year.  These students — and their professors — often have a difficult time coming up with appropriate projects.  Capstone Connect is an online portal where local companies can submit design project ideas to UNR engineering professors for possible adoption by a student capstone team. The benefit to participating companies is that they get to work with and observe a group of senior engineering students while they tackle a challenging engineering project.  The benefit to students is that they get to work on real world projects, interact with engineers in their industry, and hopefully land a job through their senior design course.  The benefit for the community is that more UNR engineering graduates may have the opportunity to stay and work here in Reno.

Strix Imaging is assisting Capstone Connect by donating some of its business development team’s time and connections to get the word out.  Said Brian Blair, founder of Strix Imaging:  “One of our employees, himself a UNR engineering grad, volunteers his time to work on Capstone Connect on the side, and asked if he could use some of our resources and connections to increase Capstone Connect’s reach.  We do drone aerial imaging and mapping for cities, mines, civil engineering firms and surveyors in the area, and our clients are exactly the kind of companies that Capstone Connect is looking for, so it made sense to help out.  I’m also a UNR grad, so supporting Capstone Connect is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and my alma mater.”

Now in its second year, Capstone Connect is a completely free service.   All a company needs to do to participate is submit a project online, and the associated professor will reach out.

Deadlines for submissions are coming up soon, though, some as early as September 15th; seniors are required to choose projects and start working on them very early in the school year.  On the Capstone Connect website you will also find documentation on UNR's IP rules, and requirements, notes and past project examples from the professors of each engineering department.