By the end of 2017, drone operators should be able to fly closer to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) than was previously feasible due to the FAA’s extremely slow waiver process. RNO is one of fifty airports in the country that will be providing Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) before the end of this year. To give you some background: according to current FAA drone regulations (Part 107), drones cannot be operated within a five-mile radius of an airport with a tower. While waivers can be obtained to fly within that five-mile radius, the application process has had a typical lead time of around 90 days, if the waiver is granted at all. This restriction makes flying drones commercially near RNO very difficult. The LAANC at RNO will make it much easier to obtain waivers for flying within that five-mile radius, and should reduce waiver lead time to 24 hours or less! This change will make a huge difference for companies who provide aerial services with drones in Reno. At Strix, it’s a rare week that we don’t have to say no to a client simply because Part 107 doesn’t allow us to fly where we are needed. With LAANC implemented at RNO, we hope to start saying yes more often. For more information, check: