aerial mapping silver peak no-lazy

Silver Peak Lithium

  • Client: Albemarle
  • Location: Silver Peak Nevada
  • Service: Aerial Mapping – Photogrammetry
  • Deliverables: TOPO, Ortho, Planimetrics, Volumetrics, Fluid Volume Tables
  • Area Size: 600 Acres
  • Accuracy Requested: 1′ Contours
  • Number of Check Panels: 4
  • RMSE Error Measured: .1′ horizontal, .05′ vertical

Strix was contracted to provide a topo and volume tables for two of the ponds at Albermarle’s lithium mine in Silver Peak Nevada.  This was a particularly interesting project because we had to provide volume tables for the ponds based off of a local elevation benchmark.  Each pond had it’s own testing stand, the bottom of which is “0” elevation for that pond.  Silver Peak’s field crews dip the stand, and measure the water depth from the “0” point of that pond.

While on site, we took the elevation of the bottom of each testing stand.  we were then able to, using our GIS software, create a table that showed the volume of the pond in increments from “0” (the bottom of the testing stand) to full.  We exported this data as a spread sheet breaking up the volume of the pond into 2″ increments.  Their field crews were then able to use this spread sheet to dip their ponds in the field, and have accurate volumes instantly.

There were no existing monuments, benchmarks, NDOT control or county control within a 100 mile radius of us that we could find, so our control was based on an OPUS static shot taken while on site.