celatom no-lazy


  • Client: EP Minerals
  • Location: Near Drewsey Oregon
  • Service: Aerial Mapping – Photogrammetry
  • Deliverables: TIN, Ortho
  • Area Size: 2,500 Acres
  • Accuracy Requested: 2′ Contours
  • Number of Check Panels: 20

Strix fly’s all of EP Minerals’s mines up and down the west coast on a yearly basis, and has been doing so since 2015.  Celatom is one of EP’s larger mine sites located near Drewsey Oregon.  To keep costs down, we only supply EP with a bare earth TIN and rectified ortho image that they can use in their mining software to calculate volumes, and design.  EP’s Oregon mines are on a local legacy coordinate system.  We shift all our products to their local coordinate system so that when they bring in our TIN and Ortho, everything comes in correctly compared to all their old data.