carson city landfill topo no-lazy

Carson City landfill

  • Client: Carson City Public Works, Nevada
  • Location: Carson City, Nevada
  • Service: Aerial Mapping – Photogrammetry
  • Deliverables: TOPO, Ortho, Planimetrics
  • Area Size: 269 Acres
  • Accuracy Requested: 1′ Contours
  • Number of Check Panels: 15
  • RMSE Error Measured: .19′ Horizontal, .13′ Vertical
  • Products Delivered: AutoCAD C3D DWG with 2D planimetrics, surface, contours and labels.

Strix has been flying Carson City’s landfill on a yearly basis for the past 4 years, since 2017.  Typically we provide a finished topo in CAD with a surface, 1′ contours, planimetrics & linework, and rectified orthophoto.  All existing improvements are located from the georectified ortho.  No ground work was done to locate improvements.  Strix placed all of the ground control.  All products were tied into Carson City’s control network found in ROS 2749.  Products were shifted to ground with a scale factor of 1.0002.