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why choose photogrammetry?

Photogrammetry is typically more cost effective than LiDAR mapping.  For sites that don’t have significant vegetation, photogrammetry can provide just as accurate a surface at a much more affordable cost and quicker turn around time.

  • works for low vegetation areas
  • more cost effective than LiDAR
  • quicker turnaround times
  • just as accurate as LiDAR for bare earth surfaces.
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High Res. Orthoimagery

Topography -> 1′ Contours

Volumetrics & Change Detection

Planimetrics & Linework

Classified Point Clouds

Oblique Imagery


Choosing the right platform

We have access to fixed wing long endurance drones and low cost quad copter drones, to manned helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.  Depending on your requirements, we will advice you on the platform that will deliver the highest accuracy at the most affordable cost.


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