Municipal Public Works

Transportation, utility, floodway design and landfill planning are just some of the projects UAS can be used for. Waste less time speculating on unknown information and gather all your data requirements at a reasonable cost.

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Reduce Inspection Costs:
When you need to fly your landfil for height inspections, we can save you over 20% on what you’ve paid manned aircraft in the past.

Increase Cell Efficiency:
Weight calculations you already do plus volumetric data we provide can help you determine the density of your cells and maximize your allotted airspace.


Drainage Studies and Design

Efficiently Inspect Levees:
High resolution orthophotos, topography and change detection can help you spot problem levees before they become a crisis.

Drainage Assessments:
Our aerial mapping is perfect for defining unknown flood plains to drainage design for modifying existing drainage ways.

road way design


From early planning to preparing final design, topographic data is required. Strix can provide accurate mapping data suitable for any phase of the project. Our high-resolution imagery is perfect for roadway evaluation studies. With resolution down to an inch, you can see every crack on an existing road. It’s excellent for documentation.


 Topography @ 6″ contours

Orthoimagery < 1″

3D Planimetrics


Change Detection

3D Models

Data Used For:

Levee change detection

Levee inspection

Solid Waste Volumes

Road Construction Base Maps

Pre-Planning Presentation

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