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Bringing cost effective aerial mapping to large exploration projects.

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Exploration Clients

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Topography and Imagery

High resolution imaging and accurate topographic data is a huge part of generating accurate geologic and resource models. Strix can provide 1ft. contours and 1in. resolution imagery on over 30,000 square acres to enhance your models.

Cost Saving

Stay Under Budget

Don’t pay more for mapping with manned aircraft! We can help you keep your investors happy by helping you stay under-budget and on-time. Our prices are considerably less than what a manned aircraft would charge for the same detail of work, with turn-around times of 10-days or less.


Seemless Software Integration

We have the GIS expertise to make sure our deliverables fit your current work flow. You have better things to do then spend time dealing with coordinate transfers and file types. Vulcan, Leapfrog, Gencom, arcGIS, you name it, we’ll provide it in the right format and coordinate system.

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